VibaCore 1000

Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine

VibaCore 1000 - Woman Exercising
The VibaCore 1000 will efficiently improve all aspects of your personal fitness goals through whole body vibration; improved balance, core strengthening, strength training, massage and stretching.

The VibaCore 1000 utilizes powerful 3-in-1 motor technology to dynamically enhance your workout. Simply select a desired oscillating movement:

  • Up and Down
  • Rotational
  • Combined Oscillation
  • Our large control display allows you to easily pick motion, speed and time. With built in presets and 6 user-definable programs, perform a chosen exercise and position customized to your specific needs. The VibaCore 1000 will do the rest.


    VibaCore 1000 - Up & Down Oscillation

    Up & Down Oscillation

    VibaCore 1000 Rotational Oscillation

    Rotational Oscillation

    VibaCore 1000 - Combined Oscillation

    Combined Oscillation

    How Does The VibaCore 1000 Work?

    You simply perform static poses and stretches, and dynamic (motion) exercises while standing on the VibaCore 1000, leaning against it, or pulling the attached hand straps. While you’re doing it, the vibrations of the machine constantly force your muscles to react to maintain your pose or exercise. So instead of simply doing a leg stretch, your muscles are reacting to the 20-60 vibrations per second and supercharging your workout.

    Features & Benefits Of The VibaCore 1000

    • New Innovative 3-in-1 Vibration Technology
    • Powerful, Dual-Motor vibration
    • Vertical Vibration, Rotational Ocillation, or Both
    • More Efficient and Greater Results with less time!
    • Ergonomic Construction
    • Fashionable Streamlined Design
    • Includes wheels for easier moving
    • 5-Year Warranty

    VibaCore 1000 Exercise Equipment

    Download Instruction Manual

    Dual-Motor Vibration Technology
    Ocillation Vibration:

    • Motor: 500W
    • Amplitude: 0.04″ – 0.4″

    Rotational Vibration:

    • Motor: 300W
    • Amplitude: 0.06″


    • Speed Range: 1-20, 1-50
    • Preset Programs: 5 + 3
    • Display: Main Control Panel with user handlebar controls.
    • Maximum User Weight: 470 lbs
    • Platform Size (W x D): 27″ x 24″
    • Assembled Size: (W x D x H): 27″ x 24″ x 53″
    • Net Weight: 126 lbs. (includes wheels for easier moving)

    This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. (FDA required statement)